Becoming Limitless

People tend to get caught up with the idea that creating the life of your dreams is all about something called “The Law of Attraction.”

But there’s one problem — it’s NOT the answer (sounds pretty controversial, huh?)

The truth is, thoughts do NOT create your reality. But during this Masterclass, you’ll learn exactly what DOES create your reality. Vishen reveals the principles behind the art of bending reality — which he used to turn $700 Into a $100 million business… Without VCs, without funding, and without any bank loans whatsoever. Because when you can bend and hack reality to your will, you can experience the state of Limitless and manifest the very things you desire.

Spiritual Laws Of Money

An effortless and highly spiritual way.
That’s what T. Harv Eker, whose Masterclass in Mindvalley Academy you may have participated in last week, discovered when he was where you are at right now.

He was miserable trying to be rich.

Then he quit trying and embarked on a purely spiritual path.

He became even more “broke.” And hit the bottom on being miserable. (He couldn’t go any “miserabler” than that.)

And then, something “dawned” on him.

It was a HUGE, HUGE revelation.


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